Marine Surveys by The Excelsior Yacht Group, Christopher Shearman, SAMS® AMS®, Los Angeles, California, USA Excelsior Yacht Surveys
Div. of The Excelsior Yacht Group
Marine Surveyors
Los Angeles, California
Call: 310-650-4455

Christopher Shearman, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor & Project Manager

Serving the Entire USA, Canada, Japan
Europe, The Bahamas and The Caribbean

Rates For Our Services
  • Pre Purchase surveys $19 to $22 per foot pending on location and size of vessel.
  • Condition & Value surveys $11 per ft in water & $12 out of water. Insurance, financing, marinas.
  • Fee per hr $135.00, minimum 4 hours..
  • Daily Fee $1500.00 plus expenses.
  • Pre Trip Surveys $500.00 +
  • Load & Stow Surveys-price sheet supplied.
  • All types of surveys include a comprehensive written survey report with photos.
  • Travel expenses charged by survey & distance.
Project Management rates vary with the scope of the endeavour, the location of the vessel and the responsibilities to be undertaken.

Please contact us for an appraisal of your particular needs and a quote for the job to be done.

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