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Christopher Shearman, SAMS® AMS®
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Serving the Entire USA, Canada, Japan
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Marine Surveys
Types of Surveys Performed

The Pre-Purchase Survey is an extensive, in-depth inspection that is strongly suggested before purchasing a new or used vessel. This survey covers structural integrity, propulsion, fuel, and electrical systems, navigational equipment, as well as other on-board systems, and takes into account the overall maintenance and cosmetics of the vessel. This also includes a haul-out, which allows the surveyor to visually inspect and precession test (hammer sound) the hull bottom, as well as inspect steering, shafts, propellers, etc. At a client's request, the pre-purchase survey may also include a sea trial. We suggest a sea trial to further inspect the propulsion, steering, maneuverability, and navigational systems.

Condition & Value or Insurance Survey (C & V) is a more limited inspection that assists insurance underwriters in deciding whether or not to insure a vessel. The C & V survey looks for damage or hazardous conditions and safety issues, reporting all accessible serial numbers on board, and matching the HIN (Hull Identification Number) with registration certificates.

The Sea Trial is the test drive of boats! We highly recommend adding the sea trial into the pre-purchase survey. The overall performance of the vessel is evaluated, which includes monitoring engines, exhaust systems, steering, controls, shafts, engine mounts, etc. The sea trial generally lasts from 30-120 minutes, depending on the size and condition of the vessel.

Our Surveys Include testing all systems * and examining the structure, without taking the vessel apart. THE EXCELSIOR YACHT COMPANY follows ABYC, NFPA, USCG ,and the Code of Federal Regulations as guidelines when inspecting any vessel, and will include a list of recommendations in the survey. The fair market value of the vessel is also determined. A written report, along with color photographs, is furnished to the client within three (3) working days. (* Insurance surveys do not require testing systems, unless requested by the insurance company).

Load and Stow Surveys: Christopher Shearman represents Lloyds of London Lloyds for loading and securing yachts as deck cargo for Yacht Path International and Dock Wise.

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